Expert insurance


Staying protected means finding the right people for the job. In the instance of liability, you want to make sure that your property insurance has you properly covered. So many times people do not understand that they are liable for any accidents that occur on their property, whether or not they were directly involved. For example, if someone slips and falls on your driveway, you may be liable for damages.

This means that in addition to having the driveway properly installed, you need homeowner’s insurance that covers such possibilities. Finding the right insurance involves knowing what to look for, and insurance experts can help with this.

What to look for

When seeking homeowner’s insurance, you will want to make sure that you know the law in your state. Many states carry different liability laws, so it’s important to know what to look for. Let’s be honest, most homeowners do not know what the law is, and aside from studying it yourself, you will need to rely on a trusted insurance vendor.

Make sure to ask the right questions regarding homeowner’s insurance. Chances are that you have some type of insurance, and chances also are that your vendor carries multiple types of insurance. If you are unsure, make sure to ask the right questions, in this case what you are liable for. In the event that there is an accident on your property, the right insurance will protect you from any lawsuits that you might be responsible for.

The insurance name


Insurance sales is something that people have very different opinions about, insurance salesmen included. As a former salesman myself, I understand why people think this way. I’ve often struggled with it myself, wherein I was responsible for selling insurance to people, and just seeing the look on their face, I could tell that they did not trust me.

And while I value myself as a good insurance salesman, I can definitely see how people would think that these are just people trying to sell them something that they do not need. And while it’s true, insurance may seem like this, the truth is that most salesmen know how difficult of a sale it is.

The problem

The problem that I end up running into is that people do not know how much they need insurance. In the even that something bad happens, the financial burden alone can be much more than most people can handle, and this is aside from any of the emotional turmoil involved as well.

People reluctant to buy insurance know that it is only useful if something bad happens, and many people do not want to think about that. So as a salesman, it is my job to explain how much insurance means to people, while they are suspicious of my behavior. And while there is no real solution other than to educate people on the importance of insurance, the only thing that we can do to lighten the problem is to perhaps understand that insurance salesmen know how difficult it is to convince people of something that they need.

The importance of professional work


Recently, when talking to a client that works for a company specializing in asphalt driveway installation, I realized just how much liability that landscaping companies are forced to carry. In the event that concrete is installed incorrectly, a number of liabilities and lawsuits can present themselves. For this reason, it is necessary that insurance be the focus of concrete companies both large and small.

For instance, there may be a time in which a customer may trip and fall on cracked pavement, at which time they have grounds to sue the company that may have installed it improperly. This is why companies need to be careful about their practices and carry the right level of liability insurance.

In some instances, such as installing driveway paving stones, it becomes necessary to find a company with the expertise needed to do the job correctly. Aside from companies being held liable for injury occurring on the property, homeowners might also be liable for any damages should the person attempt to sue.

The good news

Most companies that use concrete driveway pavers are well aware of the level of expertise needed to do the job properly. It then becomes finding a company that not only has the experience in doing the job properly, but also ones that know the liability for which they are responsible should injury occur on the premises. The good news is that many companies are willing to work with the customer in order to find the right level of liability and give tips on how to protect them from any potential lawsuits.

In today’s day and age, it is important to make sure that homeowners are protected from those that may become injured when walking up or down a driveway. This can extend to any delivery profession as well as people walking across the driveway on the sidewalk in front of the home.


The best way to stay protected is finding a trusted company that understands the legal ramifications of installing driveways and that are able to give homeowners details on what they should know about how to avoid a lawsuit.


Odd insurance types


Insurance comes in all shapes and sizes, some of the quite odd. I’m speaking mainly of insurance types that people may never think they need such as fire and flood insurance. Insurance is always something that you may not think you need until the unthinkable happens. In this day and age, it is always good to be prepared for the worst, even if it never happens.

I remember talking to people that lived in a pretty dry environment, they never thought in a million years that they would need flood insurance. Reluctantly, they purchased it from me only to have their house flood a year later due to a problem with the sewer. This is the kind of thing that people never see coming.

You’ll be glad you did

Insurance may seem like a bad idea since it’s a bunch of money upfront for something that will likely never happen. However, if you think about how much homes and the like are to fix in the event of a flood and fire, it becomes clear that insurance is something that everyone needs, even the odd types of insurance.

People in wet areas houses catch fire, and people’s houses in dry areas sometimes flood, it is just the nature of the world. By carrying multiple types of odd insurance, it becomes easier to get the peace of mind you need to live without fear of losing your home or having to pay for damaged property. Next time think ahead!

Staying ahead in life


Insurance, it is something that is expensive and only really useful in the event that something bad happens. However, in order to stay protected, it is essential that people take insurance for what it is, a safety net for you and your family should something go wrong. The cost of healthcare, funerals, car repairs and so on are astronomically expensive, and without insurance can cause a number of financial problems.

This is where it pays to be industrious and prepare for something that you hope never happens, but always has the possibility of happening. Take for example, life insurance. The cost of funerals is already very high and only getting higher. Life insurance is a way for your family to pay for funeral arrangements should the unthinkable happen.

Be smart

During my time as an insurance salesman, I found that people were always reluctant to buy health insurance, or really any kind of insurance. They think nothing bad could ever befall them, but I’ve seen it happen time and time again. People that did buy insurance were eternally grateful for their purchase, and even reached out to me to thank me personally.

Insurance isn’t for everyone. It is cost prohibitive for many, but if you can afford it, there is no reason not to have it. People never think the bad things in life will happen to them, but it can, and often does. Stay prepared and look after your loved ones with a life insurance plan that gives you peace of mind.

Insurance for young people


Insurance particularly life insurance is something that people do not enjoy thinking about. Nobody wants to think about their own mortality, and certainly do not want to pay money while they are alive for something that they hope will never happen. This is especially true with young people that do not think about insurance period.

Really the only insurance that young people think about is auto insurance, and only because it is a necessity for driving and the freedom that comes with being young. Life insurance is a vein of insurance that young people need to think about more, simply because anything is possible and you want your family to be protected.

How to do this

The way in which to give young people access to life insurance and other forms of insurance is to lower the cost and educate young people about what it means to carry life insurance. One of the ways in which to do this is to start advertising digitally. Many young people are not even aware of how to obtain life insurance, which is primarily the fault of advertisers.

By not only giving young people access to, but awareness of insurance, it becomes much easier to let them know how much they need to prepare for the future. Through unique advertising and highlighting the importance of insurance, it becomes possible for young people to take advantage of a policy and prepare for the unforeseen. Young people need insurance as much as old people, and by strategic advertising, they can get it.

Protecting local companies


As someone that has been in the insurance business for a number of years, I understand the importance of protecting not only individuals, but companies as well. What I have found is through local mediums, that local insurance is a relatively effective way to protect companies from liability, thus allowing them to perform their duties.

Speaking with a client at, I learned the importance of local companies and having them protected. His company, one that specializes in concrete installation for driveway, that businesses need insurance as much, if not more than individuals. He told me that the possibility for companies to become bankrupt due to a lack of coverage.

Insurance for companies

According to the company, there is a need to protect any company that provides a service with any liability. Their main specialty, brick paving, has a number of externalities to thing about, which means that insurance is needed. When someone asks how much does brick paver cost, there needs to be a way for companies to give an answer that will not land them in hot water.

The way to do this is to come up with an industry standard which all companies within that industry can agree to. If you have a uniform pricing guide and other set restrictions on the services rendered, it becomes a lot easier for insurance companies to protect these companies. In establishing a set of rules that consumers and companies alike can all adhere to, it becomes easier not only for the companies, but for the customers to get what they want.


By giving people and companies a benchmark with which to work, we can better protect the liability of companies that involve risk. It is and should be the job of company representatives and insurance representatives alike to come together to create a more cohesive way at looking at insurance and liability. Construction jobs are still one of the most in-demand professions, and we should do what we can to ensure that their work is supported and covered to the utmost degree. Insurance and corporations need to work together to create a brighter future.


Getting the right price


It is often that people ask me how to get the right insurance price. Having had a lot of experience in pricing and buying from different vendors, the answer to this is always different. However, there are some things that ring true no matter which outlet you are going with. The first thing to do is check what type of coverage you need.

Many insurance companies sell a variety of insurance, and some even offer bundles that give you savings on different types of insurance that the company offers. Bundles are a bit tricky, however, because they may include insurance that you do not necessarily want or need. In this event, it may be beneficial to build your own policy piece-meal style.

Other things to look for

You will also want to check to see whether you are covered in your area or if there are higher rates for those people “out of network”. Insurance companies often work with a select few repair companies, medical staffs, etc. and only cover their portion of the cost if you use those vendors. In this case, you may find yourself paying out of pocket for services that you thought you had covered.

Getting the right price is all about reading the fine print unfortunately. Insurance companies do not make their money by paying claims, but rather not paying claims. The fine print will give you all of the information you need to find the right coverage for the right price, the question is whether or not you are willing to read and understand it.

About flood insurance


Now this does not pertain to everyone, but it pertains to more people than you may think. Flood insurance is something that has become increasingly important with the advent of climate change, but let me back it up a little. Say you are from the Midwest and someone tries to sell you flood insurance. You may think that person is crazy, but are they?

Flood most commonly occur in southern states closer to rivers that flow directly through large cities. In the Midwest, for example, most rivers are away from cities and there is enough land to keep floods away from homes. However, there is something about the Midwest that people might not consider: melting snow.

Stay protected

Flood protection can cover a number of different flooding conditions, which includes melting snow. With enough accumulation, melting snow can cause a huge problem in the spring, especially in areas of the Midwest with low elevation. And there are quite a few of these cities. Having handled a number of flood insurance cases, people never really understood why they bought the insurance, but are happy that they had it.

The difficult part with insurance is having to imagine ever needing it. If I had a dime for each time someone said they never expected to need insurance, I would have quite a few dimes. In essence, flood insurance may not be as obvious as other types of insurance, but if you live virtually anywhere in the world, it is something that you will be glad you had.

What type of homeowner’s insurance to get


Homeowner’s insurance is one of those things that is difficult to navigate. On one hand, everyone wants to protect their home and the people that live in it, but on the other, the insurance can cover (or not cover) any number of things. When choosing the right homeowner’s insurance, it is necessary to do research and know exactly what you are looking for.

Say you have a family and homeowner’s insurance only covers property damage. Well, then you have a question of whether or not it protects stolen items. While items are property, some companies may not see it that way. This is when it becomes necessary to know exactly what you need, and exactly what companies agree with your needs. For example, a family is looking for a claim for Bay City Asphalt, Concrete & Brick Paver.

As a company that specializes in concrete driveways installation, they need to be covered for everything regarding in the home and in the driveway. This means that they need to check weather the homeowner’s insurance extends beyond that of what is in the home.

Online resources

While some people may question the credibility of online reviews, in my experience as an insurance salesperson and sales reviewer, I have found that many of them can be quite beneficial. Sure, you may get the occasional person that had such a bad experience that they had to immediately post a one-star review, but most of the time people are more likely to post if they had a positive experience.

Say someone rented a machine that did brick tiled driveways. They are much more likely to highlight their positive experiences rather than their negative. Those with a negative experience are usually too busy trying to correct the problem and do not have the time or the energy to file a negative review.

In addition, there are a number of sites where experts essentially review experts. While this can be conflicted at times, you get a good metric with which to judge other insurance providers. In many cases, these experts are not affiliated with any company, and can therefore give you an unbiased look at hoe each company operates.