About flood insurance


Now this does not pertain to everyone, but it pertains to more people than you may think. Flood insurance is something that has become increasingly important with the advent of climate change, but let me back it up a little. Say you are from the Midwest and someone tries to sell you flood insurance. You may think that person is crazy, but are they?

Flood most commonly occur in southern states closer to rivers that flow directly through large cities. In the Midwest, for example, most rivers are away from cities and there is enough land to keep floods away from homes. However, there is something about the Midwest that people might not consider: melting snow.

Stay protected

Flood protection can cover a number of different flooding conditions, which includes melting snow. With enough accumulation, melting snow can cause a huge problem in the spring, especially in areas of the Midwest with low elevation. And there are quite a few of these cities. Having handled a number of flood insurance cases, people never really understood why they bought the insurance, but are happy that they had it.

The difficult part with insurance is having to imagine ever needing it. If I had a dime for each time someone said they never expected to need insurance, I would have quite a few dimes. In essence, flood insurance may not be as obvious as other types of insurance, but if you live virtually anywhere in the world, it is something that you will be glad you had.

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