Odd insurance types


Insurance comes in all shapes and sizes, some of the quite odd. I’m speaking mainly of insurance types that people may never think they need such as fire and flood insurance. Insurance is always something that you may not think you need until the unthinkable happens. In this day and age, it is always good to be prepared for the worst, even if it never happens.

I remember talking to people that lived in a pretty dry environment, they never thought in a million years that they would need flood insurance. Reluctantly, they purchased it from me only to have their house flood a year later due to a problem with the sewer. This is the kind of thing that people never see coming.

You’ll be glad you did

Insurance may seem like a bad idea since it’s a bunch of money upfront for something that will likely never happen. However, if you think about how much homes and the like are to fix in the event of a flood and fire, it becomes clear that insurance is something that everyone needs, even the odd types of insurance.

People in wet areas houses catch fire, and people’s houses in dry areas sometimes flood, it is just the nature of the world. By carrying multiple types of odd insurance, it becomes easier to get the peace of mind you need to live without fear of losing your home or having to pay for damaged property. Next time think ahead!

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