The insurance name


Insurance sales is something that people have very different opinions about, insurance salesmen included. As a former salesman myself, I understand why people think this way. I’ve often struggled with it myself, wherein I was responsible for selling insurance to people, and just seeing the look on their face, I could tell that they did not trust me.

And while I value myself as a good insurance salesman, I can definitely see how people would think that these are just people trying to sell them something that they do not need. And while it’s true, insurance may seem like this, the truth is that most salesmen know how difficult of a sale it is.

The problem

The problem that I end up running into is that people do not know how much they need insurance. In the even that something bad happens, the financial burden alone can be much more than most people can handle, and this is aside from any of the emotional turmoil involved as well.

People reluctant to buy insurance know that it is only useful if something bad happens, and many people do not want to think about that. So as a salesman, it is my job to explain how much insurance means to people, while they are suspicious of my behavior. And while there is no real solution other than to educate people on the importance of insurance, the only thing that we can do to lighten the problem is to perhaps understand that insurance salesmen know how difficult it is to convince people of something that they need.

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